How to Install Intrespire

Intrespire How to Install?

1. Click On New Installation and input your server credentials

First of all, you need to click on the installation menu in the navbar. in the page, you need to click on New Installation button and input all your server credentials.

2. After click on installation your server will be install in few minutes.

After you click on the install button, the server installation process will be started and you will view all install details on your screen. The installation will take a few minutes.

3. After Installation, click to view and go to applicaiton.

Few minutes after your installation will be complete and you will be redirected on your installed page. Where you can access all information about your all installations. In this page, you need to click the view button which installation wants to see details.

4. In this details page, you can see all server credentials and go to your application.

In this details page, you can see and access all credentials of your application, server, webmail, database. Here you can go to the your application.

5. Here is the your application dashboard.

After all this process, here is your application is ready to use and you and use your application in easy steps.